Code of conduct.


This Code of Conduct aims to make sure that all members of the public who encounter the Hunt, be they in a vehicle, cycling or on foot are treated with the respect and good manners for which the Cresselly Hunt is well known. 

Who does this apply to?

The Hunt membership includes all those following i.e. on horses, ponies, in cars, bicycles and on foot. Members should therefore agree collectively, and individually, to follow a simple common-sense code of conduct with self-regulation, enforced if necessary by the Masters.

Cresselly Hunt Terms and Conditions:
By paying a subscription and / or daily cap every follower of the Cresselly Hunt (defined to include followers on foot, in a vehicle or mounted) accepts and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:
1. Every follower of the Cresselly Hunt recognises that he/she does so entirely at their own risk both as to personal injury and damage to their property howsoever caused.

2. Upon attendance at a meet, payment of subscription and/or daily cap every follower of the Cresselly Hunt releases the Cresselly Hunt (defined for this purpose to include the Masters and their staff, and other hunt followers) and the owners, occupiers and land managers of any land crossed from any potential liability for personal injury and damage to their property AND further agrees to indemnify the Cresselly Hunt (as defined) and the owners, occupiers and land managers of any land crossed in a day in respect of any claim brought by the follower and/or in respect of any claim for loss or damage brought against the Cresselly Hunt as a consequence of that followers’ actions to include the costs thereof.

3. Every follower of the Cresselly Hunt is required to hold adequate third party insurance by means of current paid up membership of the Countryside Alliance, Pony Club or equivalent cover and is advised to consider purchasing additional personal or property insurance.

4. Where a follower is under the age of 18 yrs (hereafter referred to as a minor) their parent or other legally authorised adult is required to consider and agree to the above terms on behalf of the minor AND the following additional terms shall apply:
• (i)  Every minor follower must be supervised throughout the hunting day by their parent or another appropriate adult with authority to take urgent decisions regarding the child’s health and welfare and concerning the child’s horse.
• (ii) The parents or other legally authorised adult responsible for a minor follower agree and accept that the Cresselly Hunt (as defined above) is not responsible for the supervision and care of minors during a hunting day.


On Horses or Ponies

1. Followers on horseback are to remain with and follow the Field Master of the day. They are to abide by his or her instructions.

2. To ride at all times with care and consideration for growing crops, livestock and field margins.

3. If a Master or Field Master asks the field to keep off certain areas of land or asks for the field to ride in single file it is the responsibility of whomever is at the back to make sure the remaining field are aware of and adhere to the instruction.

4. To make stock proof immediately any damage caused to fences and hedges which secure livestock and to report the damage to the hunt secretaries, Masters or Field Master immediately.

5. To shut gates securely at all times.

6. On public highways, or anywhere else, to acknowledge other road or countryside users.

7. On roads to ride or stand no more than 2 abreast down the left hand side of the road allowing traffic to pass freely in both directions. Where possible stand off the road.

8. To thank traffic for slowing down and, if necessary, apologise for any inconvenience caused.

9. To ask other members of the field, if required, to make way for oncoming / passing traffic and to allow it to pass safely.

10. Not to ride along a public highway using a mobile telephone unless in an emergency.

11. To adhere to any notices (written or oral) given by the Joint Masters.

12. To park safely, horse boxes and trailers as directed by the Masters at least a mile outside villages. Horseboxes and trailers are not be parked in any way which obstructs traffic or blocks any gateway; never park in a village or built up area.

13. The operation of changing second horses should never obstruct or delay any other road users for any period of time.

14. To ride safely and with care and consideration for other riders.


Motor Vehicles (cars, motorbikes and quad bikes)

1.   Vehicles always to be driven legally and safely with due care and attention and with courtesy of other road users and the public.

2.   Vehicles to remain on the road and, in or near villages not to drive or turn on verges, mown or otherwise.

3.   To access estate and farm tracks only with express permission of landowners and not to leave the hard surface for parking or for any other reason.

4.   Vehicles are not to overtake other hunt vehicles, climb pavements or turn around in private driveways whilst in villages. It is preferable for them not to stop or park in villages at all.

5.   When parking, ensure hunt followers park on one side of the road to allow other road users to pass safely.


On Foot

1.   All foot followers again to respect farmland, livestock and fences/hedges and property and to shut gates.

2.   To consider whether they are welcome rather than simply walking anywhere following hounds, with or without dogs.

3.   All dogs to be kept on leads. (Dogs should not attend meets ideally)

4.   If a fox is seen not to point, holloa or shout as hounds are now only trail hunting.  The Hunt staff will stop hounds as soon as they can if hounds are hunting illegally.



It is hoped that with everyone’s help this code of conduct will be self-regulated.

If any of these codes of conduct are disregarded Masters, with the support of the Committee, will have the authority to ask offenders to leave the hunt.  For persistent offences the offender may be so unwelcome that subscriptions or caps will not be accepted.

For vehicle users not abiding by these codes of conduct on private property they will be denied access; on public roads there is no formal sanction that the hunt can enforce.  However, offenders will not be recognised as hunt supporters.


All supporters and followers of The Cresselly Hunt should take care and consideration of each other and of the reputation of the Hunt.  Breaches of these codes of conduct are likely to jeopardise good will, access to private land and damage the Hunt’s reputation and the future for others. All of us represent the Hunt at all times and the hunting and countryside community both locally and across the country. Always support the Hunt, and any of its activities, quietly, diligently and with good manners. No contact whatsoever, physical or verbal, is to be made with hunt saboteurs or anti-hunt Activists. We are judged not so much by our activities but by how we conduct ourselves.