John with Ribbon & her children 1959 Taken in 1959 by Frank Meads, father of Jim Meads
John Chapple, Hunstman, Auriol & David Harrison-Allen, Joint-Masters
Tony Herring (Whipper-in) with John & hounds
John Chapple with hounds
John Chapple with hounds
The following photographs were taken by Jim Meads in 1969 and 1970
John, David & Hounds in front ofCarew Castle
David, John & Capt. Brian Evans M.F.H.
On the Ridgeway
Dennis Reed
Breaking up
On Milton Bridge
Going to Draw
Tim Holland & Diana Mathias
Philip Mathias?
Going Home
A well earned feed
And so to bed
Bachelor '69
John, David, Barry Summons & Maurice Eynon taken in 1981 by Jim Meads
Opeing Meet 1983
John, Auriol Evans M.F.H. & Hugh H-A 1983
First Draw
Doodie Fordham, Hugh H-A & Auriol Evans
David at The Begelly Arms
David, Auriol Evans, John Chapple, Chris Ammat
Kitty Fordham
Cresswell Quay March 25th 1987
Going Home - John's Last Day - Pisgah Hill - 25th March 1987
These photographs celebrate the long serving careers of the late John Chapple (huntsman 1958-1987) and David MacDonald (Whipper-in and Kennel-Huntsman 1963-1999) Click on photographs to enlarge